due to my pickiness of what my blog looks like, i am packing up and moving to....

da-da da daaaa!

*note* if you have me on you links, could you update it? that'd be beautiful. thanks!

see you on the other side!


Update to Follow the Update:


so! i am going to russia! which is so exciting, and i am so proud and honoured to go! now i have to wait to go...ah!

also, i haven't posted art in a while because for some reason, the good 'ol computer won't allow me.




3d year: done
passport: done
application for russia: done
rediscovered love for madonna thanks to glee: done

also, check this out:
it's my brother's radio show - if you want to listen to awesome music aired out of a barn on a tiny island, in the tiny village of Stella, then you are clicking on the right link.


an announcement, ladies and gentlemen.

okay, so here is the deal!

i recently put my art (Marc, Olivia, and Cory) in an open house held at York, and i had a good turn out, i'd say.

i was nominated for an all expenses paid trip to ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA to study master classes. ...super cool? i think so! as i said, it is just a nomination right now, so we will see what happens with that, but cross your fingers for me, eh?

here are the pieces that i put in (sorry for the image, i forgot my camera).

so, to sum up, open house -> RUSSIA -> fingers crossed.

thanks a bunch!



da-da-da- daaa!

here is Cory all finished and the like! thanks again to Laura Crowell for the pictures - you are fabulous!

6' x 3.5'

now to do another...


the goal

here is some further progress made yesterday, and there may even be another post tonight if you are lucky!

so here is another one i am working on - 7ft by 3.5ft, a bit bigger than the previous two.

i plan on using this one, and the first two large drawings in an upcoming York show...so it has a deadline...

this is after five hours of work... "Cory"

the goal? finished in a week.



well this one was done three months ago, and i just got around to posting it...

this one is Laurel, part of the 22"x30" drawings.